First Firefox OS Handsets Arrive: Can They Hope to Compete?

While Mozilla already has announced two developer devices to help promote their mobile Firefox OS, the first third-party Firefox OS device surfaced this past week. It isn’t built by Samsung or HTC, but rather Alcatel, an OEM that specializes in providing very low-cost handsets for carriers that are often rebranded and sold under other names.

The handset itself isn’t exactly breaking any records. It is a very, very low-end device, but will likely be incredibly cheap off-contract.

Firefox OS is just one of many newer second-tier operating systems to begin hitting the market. Recently, Ubuntu Touch was released in a developer preview form on Nexus devices. Samsung is rumored to be developing its own operating system to compete on lower-end devices, and possibly may use it to replace Android on its Galaxy line eventually.

Will any of these operating systems gain traction? Considering that not even Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has been able to take any marketshare away from Android or iOS, the path may be difficult.

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