Should iMessage Have a Dead Battery Auto-Responder?

iPhone-BatterySoftware developer Benjamin J. Gilbert has outlined a useful improvement that Apple could make to iMessage, as a centralized system of communication between Apple products. What the developer calls for is the ability to set auto-responders, particularly for when your device’s battery unexpectedly dies. Gilbert goes on to describe how this feature would function. 

1. User opts into a service that allows their iPhone to transmit a quick signal upon a dying battery to Apple’s iCloud servers if network is available. This signal flips a bit in iCloud saying, “this device’s battery is dead.”

2. User can set a message that gets blasted out to anyone who iMessages that account notifying the sender, “Hi, I’d like to respond, but unfortunately, the battery on my iPhone has died.”

3. When the iPhone gets charged again, it sends a signal back to iCloud that flips the bit back, and the auto-responder becomes disabled.

While this feature would increase awareness of dead batteries on Apple products, which is something the corporation doesn’t want people to think twice about, it would still be valuable in the sense that the person you are talking to on the other end knows that you are not writing — or should I say texting, rather — back because your battery is fully drained. Anybody with an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or even MacBook probably knows how that feels.

Do you think iMessage should have auto-respond functionality, particularly for dead battery purposes?

[Benjamin J. Gilbert]

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