Here’s How to Mod LivePapers’ Built In Themes


Yesterday, LivePapers brought animated backgrounds to iOS 6. This feature had been available in the past through other programs, but none of those had yet been updated to support iOS 6.

LivePapers is currently fairly limited, though the developers have put in place a mechanism to allow for others to produce live wallpapers. Still, since it is so early in this tweak’s life cycle, there’s not much available.

So let’s customize our own! Forum memberĀ ValleyForge today put together an easy-to-follow guide outlining the process of editing the stock LivePapers themes. The guide is easy to follow, though does require (obviously) a jailbroken device, as well as some knowledge about how this all works. Since the tweaks utilizes OpenGL ES to make the wallpapers as smooth as possible, there is some math involved.

ValleyForge‘s guide walks you through the process, and also includes sample “squares” to make the process easier.

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