LivePapers Brings Animated Wallpapers to iOS… Again

There have been many animated wallpaper tweaks come across Cydia in the last few years, but to be honest, our iOS devices couldn’t really handle them thanks to less than powerful hardware. LivePapers brings animated wallpapers to our powerful iPhones and iPads the right way, and this time, most of us don’t have to worry about processing power or RAM. It just works.

LivePapers works as you would expect, but sadly there isn’t much variety to what you can do with it yet. The tweak is absolutely free, but it only includes one live wallpaper. The app is set up for developers to create their own wallpapers for use with the app (much like Winterboard), but Porkholt Labs! has taken the liberty of starting us off with two premium options.

The first of these is a Nexus wallpaper that resembles that of the familiar moving colored lines. Second on the list is a premium version of the included Bubbles livepaper. It allows you to customize the floating bubbles to your liking, with toggles for color, velocity and a variety of other options.

It won’t be long before many artists and developers jump on the opportunity of making add-ons for what may turn out to be one of the coolest tweaks released this year. It runs perfectly on my iPhone 5, but I would be careful installing on slower devices such as the iPod touch 4G. Let us know what you think!


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