Recent Apple Patents Add Fuel to iWatch Rumors with a Flexible Touchscreen


Patents do not make products, but they certainly can help.¬†AppleInsider was able to dig up an Apple patent from 2011 regarding the actual implementation of a wrist-based wearable computer, which has been rumored for the past few months under the product name of “iWatch.”

While most wrist-based wearable devices have focused on replacing a watch, thus using a more traditional watch design, it seems that Apple is looking to use something more akin to a slap bracelet. A slap bracelet features a design and materials that allow it to quickly wrap around the wrist.

This type of bracelet would make for an interesting wrist-based computer. The most obvious issue is that of the touchscreen: while flexible displays are beginning to become a widespread reality, they aren’t actually flexible to be wrapped around a wrist. In addition, it seems as if brilliant engineering will be necessary to actually get the needed components (processor, battery, etc.) to fit in such a thin, flexible body.

Would such a design be appealing, or should Apple stick to the tried-and-true watch form factor?


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