Case for “iPad 5″ Resembles Rumored Redesign


In case you don’t remember, I took a moment a few weeks ago to look at a couple 5th generation iPad mock-ups that had me intrigued. Today, we’re seeing more evidence via MacRumors that said mock-ups may actually be similar to what the final product will be.

There’s no word yet on when the purported device will be released; we’ve heard many a rumor saying anywhere from March to September. MiniSuit is the manufacturer of the above cases, and has said according to their “reliable sources” that it will be arriving this June. Maybe we’ll see an iPad mini as well.

If these are indeed cases that are based of Apple-blessed specifications, I would expect the devices to land around the time that MiniSuit suggests, or maybe even the March date that the LATimes has reported.

As MacRumors has interestingly noted, this is the first time we’ve seen that the device’s microphone has been moved to the flat back of the device, rather than the top edge. The hole itself seems rather large as well; maybe we’ll see new and innovative microphone technology in this iteration? Also worth noting is that the iPad mini does not follow suit placement-wise.

Coincidentally, “leaked” Chinese case designs showed a rear-facing microphone like the one above. That design, of course, turned out to be somewhat incorrect. Those designs did not leak until a month before the iPad event, however, which leads me to believe that the iPad 5 will be coming soon. That, or the above mock-ups are not based on¬†specifications¬†from Apple. I couldn’t imagine the company providing specs this early in the case of a June release.

2013-02-23 13_33_05-Apple - iPad mini - Design

I personally have decided that I’m going to hold out on buying an iPad until the next generation models are released. The iPad mini is in much need of a more powerful processor and a retina display, while the 5th generation iPad definitely needs a new visual makeover like the one above.


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