Accessory Review: iGlaze Touch G5 by Moshi

Moshi | Case | $ 20.00

In the past, I’ve reviewed many Moshi products. However, they have always been audio products, more specifically headphones. Moshi had a great line of headphones, and their line of cases seems to be no different. The iGlaze Touch G5 is Moshi’s only case for the iPod Touch. It’s a thinshell minimalistic case with a hint of detail to it.  

In the Box

  • Moshi iGlaze Touch G5
  • Front Screen Protector
  • Back Screen Protector
  • Microfiber Cloth


Moshi continues their dominance at simplistic, Apple-friendly designs with their iGlaze series. The G5 is available in a multitude of colors: clear, white, black, and pink. Although I wish they did offer colors to match the back of the other iPod available: cyan, yellow, and red. The case is designed very politely with the Moshi name placed on the bottom of the backside of the case while the black has small speckles in it. It’s a very nice looking case.


Design: ★★★★½


The minimalist case is one that offers a thin shell to be less intrusive. The downside to this is that it may not offer the most protection. The majority of the backside is covered with the G5, which is a good thin. There are openings in the back for both the camera and loop.


In addition to having the openings for the camera, the top and bottom of the iPod are also left exposed for quick access to the power button, dock, speaker, and headphone jack. In terms of keeping accessibility at the highest, this is a great thing. I do feel they could have covered more of the top side.


Nonetheless though, the back of the case will do a great job protecting what it covers. The polycarbonate shell has ample thickness to protect not only your iPod, but itself as well from wear and tear. It actually does feel very tough and strong. The case does, however, leave the front of your iPod’s glass exposed.


For further protection from smaller dings and scratches, Moshi also includes two screen protectors with their case, one for the front and one for the back. This seems to be the only case, that I’m aware of, that comes with 360 screen protector protection. The screen protectors are the adhesive type and use a dry installation.


Overall, I feel that for the type of case that it is, the iGlaze does a great job at protecting your iPod from harm. They could have protected the top a little more, but it’s still a tough case nonetheless.

Protection: ★★★★


The case will set you back 20 dollars, which is really quite average for a case of this caliber. It offers a very nice design with it that isn’t ugly to look at, and for the style of case, offers good protection as well. Overall I do feel this case is well worth the money. It was built with quality in mind, and feels that way too.


Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

Moshi does know their way around stylish, yet simple designs. The iGlaze Touch G5 is no different. Despite not being able to match all the colors the iPod Touch is available in, the case remains attractive, even on my red iPod Touch. The case is very nice and definitely recommendable.

I’d like to thank Jennifer for the product sample.

Overall Score


Moshi iGlaze Touch G5

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