Google Glass Coming in 2013


Wearable computers like the much-rumored “iWatch” may be coming sooner than we think; CNET reports this morning that Google Glass will indeed be arriving “by the end of 2013.” Google had originally told Bloomberg that the headset was projected to be coming in 2014, but it appears that may no longer be the case. Even better, sources for CNET say that the device will be coming with the low, low, price tag of less than $1,500.

Certain developers were given access to the device (and others will via a contest) for the hefty current price of $1,500, which led to doubts among consumers that the device would land in retail shelves — at a reasonable price — any time soon. But today, both according to CNET’s sources and to engineers developing the device (via The Verge), Google’s goal is to have it in retail available to “normal people” by then end of the year.

In other related news, Google uploaded an official video dubbed “How it Feels [through Glass]” that, according to Joshua Topolsky, accurately portrays what using said wearable computer may actually feel like.


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