PSA: Samsung Devices Suffer From Copy and Paste Bug, Does Yours?

Galaxy Clipboard

An interesting bug plaguing a number of different Samsung smartphones and tablets has been discovered, where the device will restart if you use the copy and paste function more than twenty times. The bug affects the Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, and Galaxy tablets; however, other Samsung devices may also suffer from this system issue.

The bug lies not within the Android operating system itself, but rather in a “clipboard history” extension to the software that Samsung made in an attempt to improve the platform. This feature allows you to view the last 20 items that you have copied, although your Samsung device will throw an error and then restart if you surpass that mark. 

Samsung is said to be aware of the issue, having known about it since at least last October, but has neglected to issue a software fix that it has been promising for several months. Fortunately, there is a do-it-yourself workaround that can be made. Simply change the permissions in the /data/clipboard folder to read only, and problem solved. But you’ll be unable to copy anything afterwards.


The practical fix to this problem requires rooting your device, using a file manager to navigate to the /data/clipboard folder, and deleting the folders within. What you are deleting is your copy history, so make sure that you repeat this step every time you’ve copied close to 20 items. Does your Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II or other Samsung device suffer from this problem?

[Terence Eden]

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