Is Zephyr Worth It?

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It’s made by “chpwn,” the guy who made the Infiniapps (Infiniboard, Infinidock, etc.) and Gridlock, as well as ProSwitcher. It’s one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks, but that’s probably because its features feel native and as if they should be apart of iOS itself. All of the gestures Zephyr adds just feel right, and I couldn’t imagine my jailbroken iPhone 5 without them. But what exactly is Zephyr? And is it worth $4.99?

The tweak adds a handful of gestures that allow you to more fluidly use iOS. Most notable of the set is that (by default) any drag from below the screen will do one of two things; it will close the app you’re using if you’re using one, or it will show the app switcher if you’re on the home screen. This alone justifies about half the price tag for me, and the other half would be the tweak’s ability to switch apps from dragging your finger onto the screen from the left or right. But that’s not all this tweak brings.

Other features that Zephyr offers include a set of miscellaneous system gestures:

  • “Four-finger switcher,” which will show you the app switcher if you swipe up with four fingers,
  • “Four-finger Switch App,” which brings iPad like swipe multitasking,
  • “Pinch to Close,” which allows you to pinch with four fingers to close an app, and
  • “Three-Finger Pinch,” which allows you to close said apps with three fingers rather than four.

Importantly, all of the above settings are completely configurable. If you want to turn swipes from the left, right, or bottom off in certain apps, Zephyr let’s you. If you want the tweak to recognize a gesture only from a certain part of the screen, Zephyr let’s you do that too. It’s no wonder our own Jonathan Kizer recommended it as one of the best “Jailbreak Tweaks for the Apple Purist.”

Overall, the app brings gestures that feel and look as if they are apart of iOS. This is what I believe makes a good tweak. If a tweak feels like a tweak, it’s probably not a good tweak. But is this “fit and finish” worth $4.99? Do you use Zephyr?

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