iPhone 4S Outsells Galaxy S3 During Holiday Quarter

Apple stock plummeted during January of this year, immediately following what we’re now finding out was an amazing 4th quarter — at least for iPhone sales. We already knew that the Galaxy S3 outsold both the iPhone 5 and the 4S in Q3 2012, but Fortune is this morning reporting that Q4 was quite the turn of events. Not only did Apple’s flagship smartphone the iPhone 5 outsell the Galaxy S3, but last year’s model did as well.

There has been much talk about Apple possibly introducing a “budget” iPhone later this year, and many have suggested that an “iPhone Plus” may be on the way as well. But if the above sales results hold any weight, a budget iPhone probably won’t be necessary. As always, last year’s model — the iPhone 4S, in this case — simply becomes the “budget” model when the latest model is released. A larger 5-inch model, however, might be an interesting endeavor.


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