Rage: iPhone Gaming 2.0?

During QuakeCon 2010, John Carmack from id Software demoed Rage for the iPhone, and it is quite amazing. Running at 60 FPS, the game blows anything currently available out of the water. It runs beautifully on Apple’s latest hardware, and should also play smoothly on the 3GS. If this game utilizes the iPhone 4′s gyroscope, it might actually be an enjoyable mobile FPS.

There will be a demo of the game available as a prerelease to the full version which is due out next year. Check out a video (of a video) of the game in action at GameVideos. It shows what really is possible on low-powered hardware.

This wouldn’t be the first time Carmack has revolutionized the gaming industry either. It’s good to have him on our side.


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