LockInfo or Intelliscreen X? Which Works for You?


Today I was walking to my car and I wanted to write a Facebook status. I took out my iPhone and started to unlock it, but then I remembered something. I remembered that last night I had installed the triall of LockInfo 5. My finger had already made its way halfway across the screen to unlock the device typically, but it promptly slid back. I realized that I could simply tap the “Tap to Post” button that was now on my lock screen.

Instead of unlocking the device, finding the Facebook app, clicking on it and tapping “Status,” I was able to tap the screen once and begin writing. Honestly, I never really used the “Tap to Post” button when it was simply in my Notification Center, but having that button readily available on my lock screen was a completely different story. It wasn’t until this moment today that I realized having “widgets” on your lock screen might actually not be a bad idea.

As many of you probably know, there are two main options for your lock screen widget needs: LockInfo 5 and Intelliscreen X. The former is available for $3.99 at the time of this writing, but its typical price is $7.99. Included with LockInfo 5 is a 14 day trial, and if you already own LockInfo 4, the update is absolutely free. The latter, however, is available for $9.99 and comes with a 3 day trial.

The differences between the two are very minute, in my opinion; I would say it’s like comparing Coke and Pepsi. It all comes down to preference. Intelliscreen feels more polished and provides much more robust functionality. But it also costs more, and for some, the added functionality isn’t necessary. It’s also worth noting that Intelliscreen X comes with Messages +, a tweak dedicated to improving your iPhone texting experience. That app is typically $7.99 by itself.

While typing up short Facebook statuses is definitely handy, there are of course many other more practical uses for Lock Screen tweaks. Most importantly, anything that you can download to add functionality to your Notification Center can be put on the lock screen via one of the two tweaks above. Just as an example, I have a tweak called “Tap to Snap” which will take me straight to my Instagram camera. With LockInfo or Intelliscreen X, that functionality is¬†seamlessly¬†added to my lock screen.

Which do you prefer?

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