What is the Best Calendar App?

iOS calendar app

There’s an app for everything, almost literally. There are also multiple replacements for Apple’s stock apps, which often include features and services that Apple doesn’t support.

The calendar space is no different. For many, one of the main reasons of having a smartphone is in the PIM – Personal Information Management – functions. The stock application included with the iPhone is fine for basic tasks, but there are certainly better applications in the App Store for many people.

One of the most notable is Fantastical, which is an iOS client of the popular Mac application. Fantastical’s strongest feature is in its robust natural language support: simply type something like “Lunch with Jonathan at 1:30 at Pepito’s tomorrow” and Fantastical will parse the sentence and put the relevant data where it belongs. Fantastical is $4.99 in the App Store.


Another is Sunrise, which was covered heavily by Techcrunch today. Sunrise is powerful in its integration with Facebook, as well as with Google. Sunrise is best for someone who uses Facebook for more than just keeping up with friends and such, as the application relies on invitations and such to input new appointments. Manually creating appointments and events is supported, but the focus is definitely on the social integration. Sunrise is available for free on the App Store.

Tempo icon

Last is Tempo, which is currently difficult to access immediately due to their use of a registration system to stagger access to the app, and thus server load. Tempo also relies on social networks to gather more information, though a Facebook account isn’t required to use the application. Tempo’s greatest advantage is in how much data it pulls from social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and your email’s contacts. Tempo is available for free on the App Store.

Note that both Tempo and Sunrise gain access to Facebook, and any other social network that you allow the service to import data from. Obviously, those who are security-conscious should keep an eye on either of these programs, though both are from companies that have good track records.

What is your go-to calendar application?

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