Saurik Patches PDF Vulnerability for All iDevices

On Wednesday, Apple (finally) released firmware 4.0.2, which patches the very large security holes exploited by @comex in the 2nd incarnation of  The only problem is they outright abandoned iPhone2G and iPod Touch 1G users!  Even though Apple acknowledges in their security update the severity of these holes, they left iPhone2G and ipt1G owners high and dry — completely vulnerable to truly malicious variants of jailbreakme (these variants aren’t out yet, but they’re sure to come!).

Saurik released a patch to close the PDF vulnerability which is used by and could be (and probably will be) used for malicious code in the future. This patch is supposed to work for all iDevices on all firmwares, so no need to update to 4.02. You can find it on Cydia as “PDF Patch”.

Thanks Ezekeel! And good on Saurik for looking out for the older devices. This patch allows you to have a safe, jailbroken device without needing to upgrade to 4.0.2. Perfect.


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