Retina Display MacBook Air Expected Later This Year

There’s not really any argument that the low-end MacBook Air price tag of $999 is becoming less and less appealing every day. But what would you say if said MacBook had a retina display? 9to5Mac is reporting this morning that according to the Taiwanese publication “Economic Daily,” Apple is in the process of preparing suppliers for exactly that.

Would this mean that a cheaper, non-retina MacBook Air is on the horizon? That would definitely appeal to the number of Apple aficionados that simply can’t dive in at current price points, but does it make sense?

When Apple launched the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, it was an addition to the current lineup. It simply added a new tier of high-end laptops, and made little to no change to the previous non-retina MacBook Pro offerings.

Would the same apply to the MacBook Air, or do you think that Apple is simply going to start putting retina displays in its new generations of products — keeping their price tags? I would of course be for the latter, because a new tier of MacBook Airs with Retina would have a hard time competing with the non-retina MacBook Pros, in my opinion.


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