Cuboid: An Addictive iOS Puzzle Game

Cuboid 2

Cuboid, a 3D Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad, has become one of my favorite games. Cuboid is addictive and challenging. The goal is to twist and roll the cuboid into position to fall through a square hole.

As you go up through each level, new twists to the game are introduced. Wood blocks can’t withstand the weight of the cuboid standing straight up on it, teleporters can be a friend or foe, and coordinating which pressure-sensitive plates to trigger can be challenging.

What do I like about Cuboid?  It is fun and it raises the bar for puzzle games that I have played. Graphics are incredible for a game like this, and I found myself playing Cuboid more than my other favorite games.

Unfortunately, I have noticed that Cuboid demands a substantial amount of processing power and battery life. Cuboid is not a game you would want to play without a power source near you.

You can download Cuboid from the App Store for $2.99. I would rate this game four stars out of five, but only because it has a high toll on battery life. Otherwise, Cuboid is a well-built and high quality game!


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