Remote Messages 2: Send Texts Through Your Browser


It seems like every day I stumble upon another jailbreak tweak that has the potential to change my daily routine. Today, I found Remote Messages 2. Simply, this five-dollar (currently on introductory sale for $2.50) tweak allows you to send iMessages and Texts from your iPhone through any local area network browser. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up, and even supports attachments and Emoji characters!

Before I bought this tweak I would have my iPhone sitting on my desk as I write, browse YouTube, or do homework on my desktop, constantly switching back and forth to answer texts. No longer, however, because any time I get a text alert now, I just switch tabs in Google Chrome and reply to the text. It’s well done, almost bug-free, and has a minuscule memory footprint.

The tweak is currently available on the Cydia Store for $2.50 and supports all devices that will run iOS 6. Installation instructions are after the fold.

Installation instructions:
1) Install Remote Messages 2 from BigBoss on Cydia.
2) Before starting, respring your device if Cydia has not done so already.
3) Navigate to “Remote Messages” in Settings.
4) Set the username and password you wish to use.
5) Slide the toggle to start the server. Allow a few seconds for this to complete.
6) Connect to Remote Messages via your device’s IP address and chosen port.

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