Quick Tip: Flip Your Pano!

2013-02-18 18_05_07-A cool panorama secret _ iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch forums _ iFans

With the introduction of iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 came a nifty new feature apart of Camera.app — panorama. Much like panorama apps that you could previously find in the App Store, this feature allows you to stitch together multiple photos to create one single, high-resolution photo. Most previous apps required you to take the separate photos manually, which it would then process to create said panorama. Apple’s version of the feature guides you through a simple maneuver that will create the panorama automatically.

I personally use the feature rarely, but it can useful in some specific situations. That said,¬†iFans forum member Dr. Sonic¬†today brought to our attention a simple feature you might not know about. When using the panorama feature, simply tap the arrow in the middle of the screen to take a panorama going to other direction! It may not be that big of a deal, but it’s always interesting finding something in iOS that you didn’t know existed. What other lesser-known features have you found?

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