Latest Analytics Show China as the Largest Smart Device Market

china vs. us

A new report from Flurry, a large, online analytics network, states that China has surpassed the United States to take the title of the largest smart device market in the world.

China’s mobile market began to grow at an accelerated rate early last year, and has since continued to catch up to the United States until this month, where it appears that China’s installed userbase of smartphones has surpassed that of the US. China will likely continue to experience growth as the country’s growing middle class purchases devices.

Note that this report only includes Android and iOS devices, though those two platforms make up the vast majority of available devices. Flurry claims that it “reliably measures activity across more than 90% of the world’s smart devices,” which should mean that this report is accurate. Regardless, the trends are obvious: both the US and China are growing, but China’s importance in the worldwide market continues to rise. Regional players are also incredibly popular in the Chinese market, though Apple has put an emphasis on the market and has experienced growth. Android still dominates in China, particularly among cheaper OEMs.


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