HTC Counts Down to Its Next Flagship Smartphone

HTC's countdown at the time of this writing.

HTC’s countdown at the time of this writing.

HTC is rumored to be putting all of its considerable resources in to its next smartphone, known internally as the M7 and rumored to be shown to the world as simply the “HTC One.” This device is expected to have all of the signature aspects of HTC’s flagship devices: fantastic design, killer materials, excellent specifications, beautiful screen, and a camera that will allow it to compete with whatever Samsung and Apple bring out over the next year.

The M7/HTC One is expected to be unveiled to the world on February 19th in events that happen simultaneously in London and New York City. This comes ahead of MWC – Mobile World Congress – where HTC has traditionally opted to show off its devices. This also preempts any announcement from Samsung about the impending Galaxy S 4, which is expected within the next few months.


The M7/HTC One has been kept under wraps quite well, with only press renders, spyshots, and the like being seen by anyone outside of HTC. The technical specifications are rumored to include a 4.7″ 1080p display with a 1.7 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon SoC and 2 GB of RAM – quite an imposing device. Hardware has never been a weak spot for HTC, but its software is a different story. Past leaks indicate that HTC will be revamping its Sense software skin in favor of something that at least looks more visually appealing. It remains to be seen whether or not HTC can provide a decent alternative to Google’s excellent stock Android look and feel, though they seem to be giving it their best shot.

Regardless, HTC’s next smartphone will be unveiled within two days. The company’s rocky financials and falling marketshare (and mindshare; Samsung’s Galaxy brand has almost become synonymous with any smartphone that doesn’t have an Apple logo on the back) would seem to suggest that this device has to be a monumental leap forward in all areas: unified branding, excellent software, great specs and performance, and even better marketing and availability throughout the world.

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