Auxo Stability Issues Persist, Developers Promise Another Update Coming Soon


Auxo remains a favorite jailbreak tweak for many, though it has certainly become one of the more problematic for some. Auxo received an update late last week that helped alleviate many of the memory leaks and other bugs that the tweak was causing, but it failed to solve all issues.

It seems that Auxo is particularly problematic when used in conjunction with Zephyr, Chpwn’s multitasking solution. Even on new hardware, the combination seems to be the cause of certain apps crashing.

The developers behind Auxo, A3 Tweaks, have stated in response to feedback from customers that they are working on another update that should continue to make Auxo more stable:

They do note that only some users are experiencing issues; it seems as if the latest update has been golden for many. The next update is expected relatively soon, and it seems as if the developers already know what the issue is that is causing this particular memory leak.

Auxo remains one of the nicest tweaks available for jailbroken devices, though these bugs have definitely made it harder to recommend. It is great to see the developers being so transparent and owning up to the fact that there is something slightly off with the current code, though it would be preferable if these issues never existed in the first place. Of course, we are talking about an unofficial tweak running off of an unofficial jailbreak procedure – there’s bound to be at least some bugs and issues, and Auxo remains one of the most recent additions to the Cydia Store.


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