App Store Volume Purchase Program Announced

The title (and photo) pretty much say it all, but now you can buy apps in bulk. Kind of, because it isn’t for everyone.

We’re pleased to announce the App Store Volume Purchase Program. Education institutions in the United States now have a new way to purchase your apps in volume for distribution to their students and faculty. You can also elect to offer special education pricing on your app when purchased in volume.

Read more about the App Store Volume Purchase Program and how to get started in iTunes Connect.

This is mostly aimed at educational institutions to distribute apps that they deem necessary in mass. To do this, you must purchase vouchers via the Apple Store for Education, priced from $100.00 to $10,000.00. These vouchers can then be distributed to program facilitators and then redeemed in the App Store.

Complicated? Yes. Useful for educational institutions? I’m sure. This really shows Apple taking even more initiative to entice college campuses, and even the general educational landscape, into buying more Apple products.

Have questions? Apple’s set up a FAQ.


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