Rhino Shield: Amazingly Thin Impact Protection

Screen protectors are almost as old as screens themselves; who would want tons of scratches on the screen of their shiny new device? Gorilla Glass was the first layer of defense from this issue, as this technology surpassed plastic screens of the past that were prone to scratches. But even having a glass screen isn’t enough for most, because unlike the plastic screens, Gorilla Glass is especially prone to shattering from drops and bumps.

The Invisibleshield was, and continues to be, a popular solution for protecting the glass screen on your iOS device. That company may, however, need be worried about the new kid on the block — Rhino Shield. You’ll have to watch their Kickstarter video above to understand the product fully, but its multiple layers claim to provide much more than just scratch protection. This technology might even help save your device when it’s dropped!


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