Haze: The Best Minimalist Weather App

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Trends crop up on the App Store every year. Certain design cues become popular, and various developers jump at the chance to create a new app that presents a unique take on a category.

Haze does just that. Haze is a full-featured weather application for the iPhone that makes use of the same design language popularized by apps like Clear, the task management program from Realmac Software. Haze, from developers Robocat and Taptanium, continues this trend by incorporating it in to a world-class weather program.

Instead of the traditional iOS interface paradigms, Haze relies on swipes, animation, and bright colors to relay information to the user. This type of interface has its upsides, but it can be confusing at first. Haze does present the user with a tutorial upon the first launch, which definitely helps to keep the learning curve from being too steep.

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The app is very well done. Particularly, the use of background animation to convey the upcoming weather conditions strikes me as brilliant: it looks great, but the implementation ensures that form isn’t put over function. The app also contains various settings and options, as well as themes. The plethora of settings definitely makes it one of the more extensible options available for iOS.

Up until this point, my recommendation for iOS’ best weather app would have been Check the Weather. Haze and Check the Weather are roughly on par in terms of features; the largest difference is design. Both make use of excellent typography to communicate weather conditions, but the Haze’s use of bright colors and animation is beyond what Check the Weather currently does.

However, those animations and colors aren’t for everyone. If you are looking for a minimalist weather app, I recommend Haze wholeheartedly; if, instead, you are looking for something more traditional, Check the Weather is still the way to go. Both are roughly equal in terms of features, and both have been almost identical in terms of reporting temperature and weather conditions. The difference is how they communicate that information.

Haze is available for only $0.99 on the App Store, and is compatible with all devices newer than the iPhone 4 that are running iOS 6.

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