Safari Keeps Screenshots of Your Webpages on OS X

Safari Folder

If you use the Safari web browser on your Mac, you probably didn’t realize that it is automatically taking screenshots of websites that you view. And the reason you probably didn’t know this is because Apple hides these webpage views in a folder that is somewhat deep within the OS X filesystem.

Reddit user Herschey has posted step-by-step instructions on how to access these screenshots, however, so you can now take a look for yourself. Clearing your browser history does not delete these screen captures, for those that like to maintain their privacy when browsing. Hit the break for the steps. 

  • Go to Finder window and select Library from Go window (Hold down Option on Lion and Mountain Lion) to bring up Library.
  • Open the “Caches” folder.
  • Open the “” folder.
  • Open the “Webpage Previews” folder.

The reason why Apple stores these screen captures is to ensure a fluid experience when using the Safari web browser. If you want to delete the screenshots, you can reset Safari or send the images to the trash can and permanently empty it. Does this take you on a trip down memory lane?

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