There’s Something Odd About the FaceTime Logo

FaceTime Logo

This isn’t groundbreaking news. If you were looking for that, keep scrolling down. This article is anything but news. But, if you’re still with me, have you ever taken a moment to truly look at the FaceTime logo? While it never crossed my eye at initial sight, Reddit user revocer has raised an interesting question about what the trapezoid on the right side of the logo is supposed to represent. And now, I never see the FaceTime logo the same way.

It looks like Apple tried to mimic the design of an older video camcorder with this icon, so one would assume that the trapezoidal section houses the lens. But, there is already a clearly visible lens in the center of the icon. So, what gives? Queue the debate. In all honesty, it doesn’t matter that much. But it’s funny to critique Apple’s icons, especially the new Maps icon that steers you head on with a major freeway. Interesting.

Just food for thought. Enjoy the long weekend if you live in certain areas of the United States or Canada.

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