Post Your iPhone 5S Predictions

iPhone 5 two

Now that several months have passed since Apple launched the iPhone 5 in late September, speculation surrounding the next-generation iPhone is beginning to heat up. As usual, users are beginning to wonder what new features or upgrades Apple will make to its next iPhone. Conveniently, iFans forum member alphonse3344 has gone ahead and posted a discussion thread where you can post your iPhone 5S predictions [sic].

A quick glance at what some users are hoping the next iPhone will have: a faster processor, increased memory, improved reply functionality for messages, home screen toggles, widgets, a 4.3- to 4.8-inch screen, fingerprint unlocking, improved cameras, and larger storage capacities. A more open iOS experience is also something that a number of users are hoping for, but don’t count on Apple to follow through with that wish. What are your predictions?

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