Smash Hit ‘Infinity Blade’ Free for First Time

Infinity Blade Arena

Smash hit action game Infinity Blade is now a free download on the App Store for the first time ever, but only for a limited time. The Epic Games title is currently part of Apple’s App of the Week promotion, making the iOS blockbuster absolutely free. Infinity Blade was released in 2010 to much fanfare, largely because it delivered some of the best graphics that had ever been seen on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

For untold ages, the God King has ruled with an iron fist – his power is incalculable; his followers, legion. Now you must journey to the Dark Citadel to battle his Titans, one by one, until you face the tyrant himself. As it has been for all in your bloodline, this is your birthright – to free your people from an endless legacy of darkness. The immortal can be vanquished – but only if heart, mind, and steel are one.

While this game is currently free, it’s worth noting that it has since been succeeded by Infinity Blade II, which was the very first iPad, iPhone or iPod touch game title to receive a perfect 10/10 score on leading game review website IGN. Infinity Blade II will set you back $6.99, while the original Infinity Blade will return to its regular price of $5.99 when this promotion ends.

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