Apple May Purchase Loewe, a Luxury TV Maker


Remember back almost a year ago, when Apple was rumored to buy out German luxury TV-maker, Loewe? Remember how that never actually happened?

Maybe the second time is the charm, in this case. Based on talk of an Apple buyout of the company, Loewe’s shares jumped 43%.¬†Reuters reports that Apple is looking to bid four cents per share in order to get a majority stake of the German company.

Loewe has already demonstrated an ability to create distinctively beautiful television sets; such a unique and recognizable design would no doubt be part of any of Apple’s television plans. However, it’s unclear what Apple would gain by purchasing the company. Loewe is not a major player in any market, opting instead to offer high-end sets at high prices. Apple already has world-class designers at its disposal, and it seems unlikely that Loewe has any manufacturing capability or technology advantage over what Apple already has.

For that reason alone, I remain skeptical over the prospects of this buyout. Apple is typically very conservative about the company’s they buy, even with such a large amount of cash in the bank.


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