Former Xbox Engineer: Apple Could Kill Playstation, Wii U, Xbox


Nat Brown, a former Microsoft engineer that worked on the original Xbox, blasted the current Xbox 360 model and the general direction taken by Microsoft. In comments made on his personal blog, Brown states the following:

Apple is already a games competitor broadly, even if Apple-TV isn’t yet a game platform or a console. Mobile generally and iPad specifically have grown the total hours of game play and grown the overall game market. Only in the last 18-24mo has that overall growth turned from a segment-expanding rising tide to a tsunami swamping the console game vendor profit boats hitched to the docks. It is accelerating. Apple, if it chooses to do so, will simply kill Playstation, Wii-U and xBox by introducing an open 30%-cut app/game ecosystem for Apple-TV.

While Brown seems to be a fan of Apple’s current system of creating a more laissez-faire system, he does appear to have at least a little skin in the game. Brown states that he “already make[s] a lot of money on iOS” by developing for the platform. 

Apple has long been rumored to move their Apple TV product from its current position as a media device to more of a multimedia product that competes with consoles and such. Those rumors, however, are based on nothing more than popular thought, and the Apple TV has yet to receive any of the more advanced features that other iOS devices enjoy.

These comments come at a time when the current generation of consoles are about to be replaced by newer models. This period of time represents an ideal way for Microsoft or Sony to reposition their respective consoles in order to better compete over the next few years as more and more companies try to dethrone the “Big Three” consoles.


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