Windows 8 Has 750,000 Apps via BlueStacks, But Does It Matter?


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Socketeq’s WindowsAndroid. It basically allows Android OS to run on Windows natively. However, the future is uncertain since the developers of WindowsAndroid have not made their commitment clear.

Luckily WindowsAndroid isn’t the only solution. BlueStacks has been available for Windows for a while now. This week, the guys behind BlueStacks has announced support for Windows 8 and specifically the Surface Pro. Windows 8 users can now download the beta version and get over 750,000 android apps working with multi-touch support. 

The deal seems very enticing since Windows 8 ecosystem is still young and lacking many apps. However, is BlueStacks all what it promise to be? Sadly no. While you can download all the Android apps available, the chance of any of them working flawlessly is nil. Lagginess is the best way to describe the nature of BlueStacks’ Android apps emulation.


BlueStacks App Launcher

Most of the apps I tested ran either too slow for my patient or simply handicapped for my liking. For example, the Minus app is functional, but runs at a frustratingly low frame rate. Fruit Ninja’s frame rate on the other hand is smooth, but the resolution seems lowered and the textures pixelated.

So in conclusion, while BlueStacks does give you the ability to run all the Android apps on Windows 8, it does so poorly that you might as well skip it entirely. Let’s hope the Socketeq guys put out an update. It’ll be a shame if they discontinue their work since their solution is very promising.

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