Auxo Update to Address Stability Concerns, Add Landscape Mode


Auxo, one of the premier alternatives to Apple’s stock (boring) task switcher, will soon be receiving an update through Cydia to help address previous stability issues.

The popular jailbreak tweak has proven to be a favorite amongst jailbreakers, as it offers the functionality of various tweaks in one attractive package. It includes an enhanced task switcher that makes closing tasks simple, as well as enhanced functionality in the form of toggles in the task switcher interface. The design and implementation of the tweak itself is excellent, but unfortunately the stability of Auxo is another matter. Under lighter use, the tweak works reliably, though if you begin tossing apps around there appears to be some sort of memory leak that promptly crashes Springboard.

According to the developers behind the tweak, that shouldn’t be the case for much longer:

In addition to stability and performance enhancements, the next version will include landscape support, which will be a welcome addition as long as performance isn’t affected.

The developers behind Auxo are fantastic in that they are so open with their customers. That fact alone makes the stability issues of Auxo seem much less significant – communication matters!

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