Microsoft Helps Bring Contre Jour to the Web

contre jour ieInternet Explorer gets a lot of bad reps for its monopoly stagnancy in the Web 1.0 days, and it deserved so. Putting its legacy aside, the IE team gave ways to many of the essential layers that power the modern Web 2.0 and browser technologies today. Such technologies include hardware acceleration and multi-touch standard for browsers. It’s now possible to develop advance web apps and games for the modern web landscape.

2013-02-12_152909Contre Jour is one of the first web games to take advantage of those benefits. It was first developed for the iPad and was nominated for Game of the Year for iPad in 2011 by Apple. It since has been ported to Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8. Late last year, Microsoft helped Pixel Lab to bring Contre Jour to the web using HTML5.

Microsoft wanted to show its new IE10′s power prowess, so they contacted Mokus, the original developer, in early 2012 to ask them to port their game to the web. At the time, Mokus though it was impossible to port the exact game with the current web technologies at the time, but Microsoft convinced them it’s possible with new H.A graphics and multi-touch standards.

contre jour ie

Originally released to the web last October with 30 levels of the original game, the web game became a success hit and Pixel Lab decided to add more levels for their fans around the world. They has now added 20 levels that make up two new worlds for the game.

I highly recommend you check out the game over at It works with all major browsers that support multi-touch and hardware acceleration including IE10 (obviously), Chrome, and to some extend Firefox. It also works with the mouse of course for those that don’t have a touch PC.

Bonus, you can listen to the interview of one of the developer by Scott Hanselman here to find out the process of making Contre Jour for the web. It’s quite interesting, so give it a listen if you’re into programing and such.


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