Get Full Control of Your Pebble With This Tweak

2013-02-12 17_05_21-2013-02-12 17_05_04-pebble.JPG (544×298).jpg - Windows Photo ViewerThere’s always something being rumored in the Apple ecosystem, and the iWatch seems to be the topic of most speculation as of late. However, one must not forget the all-too-anticipated (and Kickstarted) Pebble watch that only recently started shipping.

Cult of Mac reported today that jailbreak developer Conrad Kramer (@conradev on Twitter) has released a tweak that allows you to have Android-like control over your pebble watch. The tweak is called “BTNotificationEnabler” and allows your iPhone to send notifications from any app via Bluetooth to your Pebble.

While using a Pebble watch with Android will allow you to manage a large number of settings through its own stand-alone app, the watch will only work with certain functions of iOS that have been natively supported by Apple — that, or app developers must add Pebble support to their apps individually. Obviously, this situation is not ideal, so if you own a Pebble, try this tweak out and let us know what you think.

[Cult of Mac]

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