Slice Makes Tracking Packages Easy


Ordering products online is something that I find myself doing more and more. It’s easier to compare products online based on reviews, and often more convenient than driving – or walking, or riding – to the nearest store that would carry what you need.

But while buying online is fast, the shipping often isn’t. Sadly, neither is tracking packages. There are multiple shipping methods (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.), and each website is slightly different. There is, however, an app for this exact issue.

Slice makes tracking shipped packages, as well as expenditures, easy. The app works by scanning an email account and aggregating any receipts or shipping notifications received. It then scans for even more information, such as how much was paid, who was paid, and when.

I used the app with my primary Gmail account, and it worked very well. It picked up on expenditures as far back as two years ago, and classified them based on category and seller. The three packages that are currently en route to me were found, and classified as not being delivered yet.


The only downside in the package tracking functionality comes when a service, such as eBay, doesn’t automatically notify you of when a package receives a tracking number. For every other instance, it works well and makes good use of Apple’s built-in maps to display where exactly the package is in relation to you.

The “History” tab of the app does exactly what it says: it offers a look at your expenditures that have sent a receipt to your email address.

Slice is free in the App Store. I recommend it to anyone looking for a better, native way to manage tracking packages.

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