What’s Your Favorite Infinite Runner Game?

2013-02-11 14_26_24-temple run - Google SearchThere are, in my opinion, just two notable infinite runner games for mobile platforms. They are, of course, Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers.  Out of all the infinite runner games, however, I have narrowed it down to these two as my picks for infinite-running, jump, duck and dash games.

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2 hit over 50 million downloads in just thirteen days. I downloaded it the day of its release and have been trying it out for a while. Temple Run 2 brings an exiting new environment, a bigger monkey, and seemingly easier gameplay — I found staying alive was far easier in Temple Run 2. Overall I found it to be a very nice game, and it is a great successor to the first Temple Run. I am also enjoying the new “Save Me” feature for unexpected corners.

Subway Surfers

I found Subway Surfers on the other hand to be much more unique than Temple Run 2. You can unlock characters easier, you can unlock new features, and what I like most about Subway Surfers is that I am not confined to one running lane. I also look forward to the monthly updates for the game, as these major features packs bring a new setting and environment, which effectively keeps the game looking fresh.

What is your favorite infinite runner game? Is there one that you think is better than these two?

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