Creator of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines on the ‘iWatch’

Creator of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines on the ‘iWatch’

Apple's previous generation iPod Nano as a watch

Apple’s previous generation iPod Nano as a watch

As smartwatches such as  the Pebble rise in both popularity and usefulness, speculation has taken off in regards to what Apple may do in this space. An “iWatch”, as many have begun to call it, would most likely be a device used in conjunction with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Bruce Tognazzina, the creator of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) has this to say:

The iWatch will have a few functions it performs entirely on its own, chief among them being telling you the time.  It’s chief role will be that of office manager, facilitating and coordinating your use of your other iDevices and the Internet by gathering data, delivering messages, storing and forwarding, coordinating tasks, and carrying out functions that extend the capabilities of your other devices. The iPhone or other primary device will be the executive in charge, making the decisions, setting the strategy, and apportioning tasks. The watch will have the least energy resources available, so the watch will be used sparingly.  Still, as time goes on, more uses will be found for it, and it will receive increasing amounts of traffic.

He also has some very interesting thoughts as to how such a watch could completely obsolete the traditional password system that the internet is currently built on. Overall, it’s absolutely worth a read.

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