Evasi0n Won’t be the Last: More Exploits Known to the Evad3rs


Hot on the heels of Evasi0n’s massive successForbes reports that the jailbreak team behind it still has plenty of exploits to use. According to the article, the Evad3rs spent time reworking their original exploit in order to preserve other major exploits that they discovered. This ensures that future versions of iOS will also be jailbreakable.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that trivial updates (i.e., iOS 6.1.1) will be supported. Instead, it means that major new versions of iOS will likely be exploitable, unless Apple finds and patches the exploits first. Thus far, however, Apple has been content to simply patch exploits discovered by the jailbreak community.

This should give some hope to the jailbreak community, which suffered an abnormally long period of time without any major new jailbreaks that supported all new devices on current versions of the OS. That dead period was enough for many to proclaim the jailbreak scene as dying – indeed it may have been, but it seems as if Evasi0n gave the community the shot in the arm that it needed to rebound in a big way.


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