Opinion: The iPad 5 is Big


Let’s take a look at the above rendering that was posted on MacRumors yesterday, courtesy of CiccareseDesign. They show what will potentially (and most likely) be the form factor of the fifth-generation iPad. The iPad mini took design language from the iPhone 5, and it would only make sense for the iPad 5 to continue on this path.

The most obvious feature brought to your attention is the thinner bezel. That said, this particular mock up sizes the bezel proportionally. The side bezel on the fifth-generation iPad is undoubtedly smaller, but is it too small for you to be able to hold it comfortably?

Probably, but we must remember the slight modifications that Apple made to iOS on the iPad mini. Reviews have shown that the device’s small(er) bezel is not a problem, probably thanks to said tweaks. If the above bezel turns out to be what we see with the fifth iPad, the same features and precautions will surely be in place to ensure a good user experience.

To me though, the size of the bezel just seems right in the above mock ups. Will the fifth-generation iPad’s added weight make it less comfortable with a thinner bezel? Possibly, but all reasoning is thrown out the window when we take a look at the above rendered iPad in comparison to the current fourth-generation iPad.


Yeah, if you’re anything like me, you’ve (already!) gotten accustomed to the look of the sleek and modern proposed design. I used to own an iPad 2 (which is identical in form factor to the fourth-generation model) and I can say that the bezel never caused a problem. But if Apple can achieve the above beautiful iPad mini look with the fifth-generation iPad, the device will surely prompt and upgrade for many users of the previous form factor. It’s almost a completely different device.

So that’s why I believe the fifth-generation iPad 5 is big. It may be only marginal, but if Apple is able to reduce the bezel size and weight of the full-size iPad to allow a comfortable experience, the iPad 5 is going to be big hit because of how small it is. (sound familiar?) It’s like the device trained for the Olympics and came back in shape. Dropped all that extra weight.

Of course, all of the above images are simply mock ups. Nothing has been confirmed, but Apple will surely be bringing the design style full circle with the next iPad, smaller bezel or not. Current rumors suggest that the device will be landing this fall, but only time will tell. What do you think about the proposed smaller bezel and sleeker, more modern potential design?

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