Rovio Puts iPad Games on Sale for Only $0.99


Rovio, creator of the insanely popular Angry Birds series of games, has today put all of their titles on sale for a dollar in the App Store.

Rovio’s portfolio is (shocker) made up of Angry Birds games, though some are actually quite different from the original. I suggest Angry Birds Star Wars HD if you enjoyed the original game, but want some tweaks made to the mechanics. Plus, the story and backdrop are actually very well done and interesting.

The only non-Angry Birds game in the list is Amazing Alex, which was published late last year. The game itself is quite nice, but wasn’t as big of a success as its predecessors in the Angry Birds lineup. Part of that was due to its relatively expensive price, but it seems like a much better proposition for only $0.99.

Here’s the full list of titles on sale:

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