Antennagate’s First Victim

Mark Papermaster, “the guy responsible for the antenna” has apparently been canned from Apple. Papermaster was the executive in charge of the new iPhone’s hardware, including the ill-fated antenna. Apple went through a lot of trouble to hire this guy, so it’s a shame he’s leaving so soon.

In November 2008, Steve Jobs hired Mark Papermaster, IBM’s (IBM) top microprocessor executive, to replace Tony Fadell as head of the iPod and iPhone division. IBM promptly filed a complaint in federal court to prevent Papermaster from leaving, arguing that he possessed highly confidential IBM trade secrets. The dispute — which made headlines for weeks — wasn’t settled until the following January in a deal that required Papermaster to wait until the following April to join Apple.

It’s unknown if he was indeed fired, (although the evidence suggests it) or if he quit, but it’sĀ apparentĀ that Apple takes mistakes like this very seriously.

[The New York Times]

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