Steve Wozniak: iPhone has “Somewhat” Fallen Behind Other Smartphones


Steve Wozniak, the other half of Apple’s team of founders, has always offered his own opinions in relation to the tech industry. He isn’t afraid to speak out against Apple, or any of Apple’s products. It shouldn’t be particularly surprising that he recently made critique of Apple’s mobile operating system and how it compares to other entrants such as Android and Windows Phone 8.

According to an interview with (via MacRumors), Wozniak had the following to say about Apple, its fans, and its products in comparison to the rest of the industry:

I am proud that we have such loyal fans. But this loyalty is not given, the need to have the best products is always there. Currently we are in my opinion somewhat behind with features in the smartphone business. Others have caught up. Samsung is a big competitor. But precisely because they are currently making great products.

Further comments do reveal that he has a huge amount of respect for Apple and its products, stating that he wouldn’t miss an event or launch, but only because of how great the products are.

The launch of a new Apple product is for me like a big, major concert which you absolutely must attend personally. It’s history. Sure, I could order online or call the store manager so that they smuggled me in the back door. But that would be nothing. No, I will have the experience like any normal customer. But one thing is certain. If Apple made lousy products, I would not be in line.

His statements do sound as if he only believes Apple has fallen behind in terms of software; again, not surprising, given that iOS 6 introduced almost no major new features and offered more of a slight update at a time when almost every other mobile OS was shipping redesigns or major new versions. iOS 7 can’t get here fast enough.

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