Stride Brings Pattern Unlocks to iOS 6

2013-02-07 19_26_11-Stride brings Custom Unlock Gestures on iOS 5 iPhone and iPod touch _ iPhone iOS

There have been many different kinds of lock screen interface tweaks come out over the years. Tweaks that allow you to slide your lock screen any which way to unlock, Android-like patterns, and lock screens that fold away. Today’s featured tweak, however, comes from iOS developer Adam Bell and brings Windows 8-like unlocks.

Stride has been around for a while, but it was only today updated to work with iOS 6 and the now-jailbreakable A5(x) and A6(x) devices. When setting up the tweak, it prompts you to perform a certain gesture (of your choice) three times. This will be what you use to unlock your device, and the tweak is actually excellent at determining if your gesture is at least mostly like the one that was set.

Stride is available on the Cydia store for $2.99.

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