Get a Peek Into Vine’s Design Process

Get a Peek Into Vine’s Design Process


Strive for simplicity. An interface should get out of the way. People should be able to focus on being creative, not on how to use the app. In many ways, interface design is like film editing: if you notice it, it wasn’t done well.

Iterate, again and again. From the start, we wanted to create a new way to capture life in motion. (Admittedly, we didn’t know what that would look like exactly.) We actually redesigned the app three times before going live. While Vine is now live, that spirit of constant iteration remains core to the decisions we make.

Vine is a good example of design excellence that is not quite as common other platforms. The app is also iOS-only at the moment, not unlike Instagram for much of its earlier years. Do you use Vine?

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