Microsoft’s Next Xbox Will Include Siri-like Voice Control

xbox voice

While Microsoft’s next Xbox remains almost entirely a mystery, The Verge was able to snag information stating that the next Xbox will include some form of Siri-like voice control – something that Microsoft has been working on for a very long time – from the typical sources familiar with the matter.

As stated, Microsoft has been working on speech technology for years. It makes sense that a next-generation Xbox would include the technology, given Microsoft’s placement of the device as more of a multimedia machine than as a hardcore gaming platform. For certain types of media (movies and music, specifically), it would make sense to have a smaller remote than the traditional Xbox gaming controller. A smaller remote could have a microphone inside of it, and could thus be used to control the machine.

It’s also reported that there may be actual in-game uses for such a system, though it’s hard to say exactly what that may entail beyond traditional controls.

[The Verge]

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