Issues Fixed by Update to Evasi0n, UIKit Tools


The most glaring issue of the Evasi0n jailbreak was that it broke Apple’s stock weather application for some. Obviously not a deal-breaker given the plethora of alternatives on the App Store, it was still an inconvenience to some. Luckily, that issue is now resolved.

If you haven’t already, open up Cydia and allow packages to reload. You can then tap the “Changes” tab and view the packages that are ready to be updated. “UIKit Tools,” a default package installed during the jailbreak process, specifically notes that it includes changes that will fix the issues seen by many. In addition, the Evasi0n package/patch that allows the device to boot untethered from a computer or external program also received an update. It’s unclear if these two package updates are connected, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find that they are – given that both are from official sources, it’s best just to update them.

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