Bluelounge Messenger Bag: Perfect Fit for Your Laptop

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It’s that time again, for another one of my casual, unorganized product reviews. This time, I present to you the Messenger Bag from design studio Bluelounge. For review purposes, I was provided with the rust-colored model in the small variation. The bag is available, however, in “Black” and “Rust,” and in “Large” and “Small” sizes.

Bluelounge produces extremely high quality products, and I know I’ve said this before about JAYS’ headphones, but this company is definitely “Apple-esque” as well. If Apple made bags and various other iOS device accessories, this is what they would look like. That’s something that I think Bluelounge should take pride in.US_messenger_feat_01

The build quality of the Messenger Bag is superb. It’s definitely made for the individual looking for high quality products at a high quality price — not unlike Apple’s products themselves. From MacBooks to iPhones, this bag will suit perfectly as their over-the-shoulder holster.

Advertised as a bag for MacBooks, it only makes sense that they would come with a premium price tag, but like I said, the quality is definitely not lacking. The buckles used to hold the top flap down are aluminum, and are sandblasted to give that polished feel that comes with a unibody MacBook.

The bags are also made from 100% recycled PET fabric which means that this wonderful bag was most likely once a soda bottle. That’s definitely not unique to Bluelounge themselves, but it’s just an example of how they pay attention to every little detail in their products.

The over-the-shoulder strap is padded well and provides for a perfect and comfortable fit. This is partially due to how lightweight the bag feels. And even though it’s not bulky, it still feels sturdy during daily use and you can throw it around or abuse it without much worry about the bag itself (you may not, however, want to do that if your MacBook ┬áis inside!)

US_messenger_feat_02The small model was just the right size for my needs. I recently purchased a Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, so the arrival of this bag at my doorstep was perfectly timed (sadly, my Chromebook isn’t aluminum like this bag’s hardware!) I have been using it on a daily basis as my go-to backpack, and it has just the right amount of space; all my books, notebooks, and my 12-inch Chromebook fit perfectly in harmony.

Overall, the bag is much more than I expected, and I didn’t even get the larger, more spacious model. The netted area inside provides just enough room for my knick knacks such as headphones, cables, pencils and pens, and so far I have no complaints and haven’t found a reason to go back to my old standard backpack. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for a new bag for your laptop, be sure to check out what Bluelounge has to offer!

The Messenger Bag is available on Bluelounge’s website for $139, or if you prefer the small model like myself, you will be out $135.

If you enjoyed this review or you think you might be interested in purchasing a Bluelounge product, be sure to also see the review Joe did of their backpack.

Thanks to Bluelounge for the product sample!

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