How to Jailbreak iOS 6 Using ‘sn0wbreeze’ 2.9.8

The iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was recently released to the public thanks to the @evad3rs.  The jailbreak exploit used by evasi0n was made exclusively for this particular tool.  However, ih8sn0w has released a significant update to sn0wbreeze — bringing it to version 2.9.8 — which finally supports jailbreaking iOS 6.  If you have yet to be jailbroken on iOS 6, then take a look at the iFans ultimate guide to the iOS 6 jailbreak.  If you plan on jailbreaking using sn0wbreeze, then hit the link for the full step-by-step.

Before you begin, you may be wondering what the differences between the evad3rs’ and iH8sn0w’s tools are.  For starters, sn0wbreeze is a Windows only application which allows users to preserve their baseband and for those who want to unlock or use ultrasn0w.  If you plan to update to iOS 6 while preserving your baseband, then sn0wbreeze will be the correct route for you.  However, sn0wbreeze only supports devices older than the A5(x) or A6(x) processors.


  • Sn0wbreeze 2.9.8
  • Any iPod, iPhone, or iPad that does not have the A5x or A6(x) processor
  • Windows XP (minimum)



Step 1: Download snowbreeze by clicking here.


Step 2: Once finished, open the file “sn0wbreeze-v2.9.8.exe.”


Step 3: If Windows prompts you to “allow” the program to run, simply click “yes,” or “allow.”  Then, hit “Ok” in the sn0wbreeze welcome screen.


Step 4: At this point, identify which firmware your device is on by going to Settings > General > About > Firmware (version).  Note down what version number is your device and click the arrow on the bottom-right corner of sn0wbreeze.


Step 5:  If you do not have the necessary IPSW for your device, go ahead and click “Download iOS Firmwares.”  Enter the necessary information for your device and wait for it to download.  If you already have the correct IPSW, simply click on “Browse for an IPSW,” and select it.


Step 6: Next, it will display a screen showing your device and version number.  Make sure everything is correct on this screen.

Step 7: For this tutorial, we will go ahead and boot up into “Simple Mode.”


Step 8: Sn0wbreeze will go ahead and do everything automatically from here on out.  Simply wait for this process to finish.  For an added bonus, you can go ahead and play Pac-Man if you like and try to beat the high score of 11,340.


Step 9: If everything goes correctly, you should get this message when you’re done.  Click “Ok” to proceed.


Step 10: Next, you will put your device into a restorable state where your device will accept sn0wbreeze’s custom firmwares.  Follow the instructions carefully.


Step 11: Once you’re done, you can now exit sn0wbreeze and open iTunes for the restore.  Once you open iTunes, it will detect that your device is in recovery mode.  This is normal and it means that we are right on track.  While holding down “Shift” on your keyboard, click on “Restore” and find your newly created IPSW on your desktop.


Step 12: Once iTunes accepts the IPSW, and the restore process goes uninterrupted, the jailbreak process is finished!

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