Evasi0n Downloaded 1.7 Million Times Since Release

evasi0n official logoIt seems as if Evasi0n has been a resounding success, over 1,700,000 downloads so far. Considering that it has been out for a little over a day, that’s extremely impressive.

We already knew that Evasi0n was enabling users to hammer Cydia’s servers, as the alternative app store was unreliable at best for almost fourteen hours after Evasi0n’s initial release yesterday at noon EST. 

In its first six hours online, the crack had already been used at least 800,000 times, according to Jay Freeman, administrator of the Cydia appstore for jailbreakers, and he says that’s a conservative estimate–his count was fouled up when the tsunami of traffic knocked his server offline several times over the course of the jailbreak’s first day online. By Tuesday his count was up to 1.7 million.

According to that Forbes article, it seems possible that 1.7 million is actually a low estimate of the total number of Cydia installs over the past day and a half. Fairly amazing, and it really does put some wind back in the sails of the jailbreak community.


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